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Dona Caine-Francis offers a variety of articles related to anxiety and sex therapy, couples and marriage counseling, and medication management to help individuals nurture their emotional and sexual health. 

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Healthy Tips for a Healthy You

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Work life balance. Is it a myth or reality...

Balancing work and life

Are you living life with balance? Do you find more of your time and energy go into work life? Is there much vitality left for fun, family, and friends?

The advent of technology keeps employees connected to work and blurs boundaries. How often are you home and answering emails or texting notes to colleagues? All too often couples complain, "Even when he/she is home the focus is on work. And I resent that!" Co-workers, bosses, and clients expect you to be available--whenever! This negative spillover from work-to-family can cause undue stress, resentment and prevent you from living a balanced life.

Did you know that the new work culture is a "70 hour work week"? And did you know that 75%-90% health care visits are related to stress with the cost being $200-$300 billion per year?

I challenge you to resist the trend and pressure and set reasonable boundaries. If you have to bring work home on the weekend, let only one day be invaded by work. Be creative and vigilant, preserve time and energy to refuel your body, spirit, and family connections!

  • A new work culture -70 hour work week new standard

  • 75%-90% MD visits: for stress, the cost $200-$300 billion per year


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