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My Services


Individual therapy, sometimes called “psychotherapy” or “counseling” is a process or agreement between an individual and a certified therapist to explore a challenging life issue, belief, behavior, or feeling in a safe and confidential environment. I bring years of experience to this process to help you uncover and resolve life’s issues.


Couples therapy also known as “marriage therapy” is a commitment between a couple and a therapist to work to resolve conflicts, communication issues, trust issues, intimacy concerns, and other difficulties that can erode a relationship. I have developed numerous exercises and strategies to bring about healing and to enhance a couple’s relationship. Do not let a rift stall out a relationship that once brought such joy!


Sex Therapy

Sexual dysfunction can enter any stage of life. Do not let sexual dissatisfaction create a rift in your relationship. My office is a safe environment to share various concerns such as desire, orgasm, sexual pain, erectile dysfunction and establish strategies to resolve them.


Menopause is not a death sentence. Actually, it is a normal process of life when the sexual hormones decline and this can leave many women with troubling symptoms. My belief is this transition can be managed beautifully - physically, emotionally, and sexually. My book by the same name offers options to manage the menopause passage. Or you can make an appointment and we can assess your particular situation and devise a treatment plan to undertake your concerns.


Traumas can occur as one journeys through life. It can be a “small T trauma” such as a belief system that no longer fits you, mean things that were said and done that creates low self- image; or “big T traumas” for example sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, car accident, or other traumatic incidents.


EMDR - Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing is a treatment modality developed in the 1980s for trauma work with returning Viet Nam veterans. I find it to be invaluable in my work with those suffering from trauma.

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