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Dona Caine-Francis offers a variety of articles related to anxiety and sex therapy, couples and marriage counseling, and medication management to help individuals nurture their emotional and sexual health. 

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Are You In Menopause?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Take this brief quiz to find out if you are in menopause...

Woman seeks help with menopause

1. Are you over the age of 35?

a. Yes b. No

2. Have your menstrual cycles become irregular (lighter flow, heavier flow or skipped periods)?

a. Yes b. No

3. Have hot flashes invaded your life (sudden sensation of heat in your torso and face) or episodes of night sweats unsettled your sleep?

a. Yes b. No

4. Has your ability to concentrate or remember things changed?

a. Yes b. No

5. Do you have difficulty falling asleep or feel more tired?

a. Yes b. No

6. Has intercourse become painful or vaginal lubrication decreased?

a. Yes b. No

7. Have you had an unusual increase of weight, mostly in the abdomen?

a. Yes b. No

8. Do you have less desire or enjoyment for sex?

a. Yes b. No

9. Do you have more difficulty with your mood (irritability or sadness)?

a. Yes b. No

10. Has your complexion gone through changes (drier than usual, acne, unwanted facial hair)?

a. Yes b. No

A = 10 points B = 0 points

0 - 30: You have very few symptoms at this time but stay tuned to your body for the future

31 - 70: You do possess some symptoms of menopause; are any causing you stress?

71 - 100: You have many symptoms of menopause; you may want to share your top concerns with your health care provider. Menopause Symptoms

Hot flashes Night sweats Sleep disruption Irritability Fatigue Weight gain Skin dryness Skin sagging Mood swings Memory loss Foggy thinking Depression Bloating Body pain Breast tenderness Change in sexual desire Loss vaginal lubrication



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