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Managing Menopause Beautifully

Some 38 million girls were born in the United States between 1946 and 1964, and now about 2 million of them each year are entering the menopausal phase of life. But these Baby Boomers are not docile, do-as-they-are-told, ask-no-questions women.

They insist on full information, options, and participation in the decision-making process regarding how they will navigate this potentially challenging phase.


In this breakthrough book, Dona Caine-Francis offers a reader-friendly primer on everything women need to know to remain physically, emotionally, and sexually vibrant before, during and after menopause.


A certified sex therapist and psychiatric nurse practitioner, Caine-Francis challenges women to consider the menopausal years a time of opportunity, a chance to seize the day and "reinvent" the self in three dimensions--physically, emotionally, and sexually. 

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*Be forewarned, this book contains adult material. Special features here include vignettes from therapy sessions for menopausal women and their partners, explanations of the five myths of menopause, a review of hormone therapy of all kinds, complementary and alternative medicine, insights into romance at midlife, and a chapter devoted to partners of these women to help them share an understanding and offering suggestions to keep the fires flamed. Strategies for sexual well-being of menopausal women may otherwise and elsewhere be neglected, but Caine-Francis provides a focus to such strategies and offers practical solutions to enhance sexual connections with partners.


When Benjamin Wants to Know...Family Conversations About the "Facts of Life"

When Benjamin Wants to Know is a creative educational resource to assist parents and pre-adolescent children (ages eight to twelve) in discussing sexuality.


It's a myth that sexuality doesn't start until a child approaches puberty. Many children develop a strong sexual curiosity at age two, partly because of toilet training and the genital/anal sensations.


At ages eight to eleven, there's another surge of sexual curiosity and genital/body sensations. Children of all ages are bombarded with sexual themes and images while channel surfing, viewing a movie, reading books or comic books.


Teaching your child about human sexuality and his or her own blossoming sexual identity involves more than "birds and bees" talk. This book will guide you and your child through sex roles, behaviors, and values people associate with being a man or a woman. 

Dona also includes tips and strategies for being an "askable parent."

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